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Council Passes $2 million Bond through First Reading

Ken De La Bastide, The Herald Bulletin

August 14, 2023

ANDERSON — The Anderson City Council gave preliminary approval to a $2 million bond issue for the locating of a new manufacturing company.

The council Thursday also gave its initial approval to rezoning 252 acres that runs from West 53rd Street, west of Park Road, bordered by West 67th Street and on the east by railroad tracks.

The Anderson Redevelopment Commission this week voted to provide $2 million for the new company locating in Anderson.

FITT USA is locating on the former Guide Division parking lot on Raible Avenue.

The property contains about 30 acres and is zoned for industrial use.

The company will manufacture garden hoses, tubing and pipes from material being furnished by Sirmax, located in Anderson.

Greg Winkler, executive director of the Anderson Economic Development Department, said the company is making an initial investment of $20 million and the annual payroll will be $4.4 million.

He said the $2 million being provided will be in the form of a bond. Over the next decade the company will pay approximately $4.4 million in property taxes. Starting salaries for employees will be $42,000 plus benefits.

Matt Franklin with Levin Porter Associates said the Anderson location will be the North American headquarters for FITT USA.

Franklin said a 150,000- square-foot building is the first phase; plans are for future expansion of up to 250,000 square feet by 2032.

Construction is expected to start by October, Franklin said, and the hiring for 104 new jobs will begin in approximately one year.

Rob Sparks with the Madison County Corporation for Economic Development previously said there is a potential project that is considering development of 35 acres of the site.

“We looked at the areas when the IMPA plant was approved for future development,” he said. “There is no project looking at the 252 acres.”

Sparks said the rezoning request was a collaboration between the Corporation for Economic Development, Anderson and local property owners.



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